Great promotion in the Chinese store GearBest

The Chinese website Gearbest is becoming well known, mainly due to their low prices, and also make great deals where prices are lower still, here in BestShops already disclosed some of them. And the best of these deals is that it gives to save enough.

This month Gearbest shop is with a great deal with great discounts, is called “Let’s Make a Deal” with discounts on various products from all categories of the store.

Promotion “Let’s Make a Deal” Gearbest

Information about the promotion in the Chinese store Gearbest

The Gearbest separated a huge selection of products for this promotion. In fact July is a month of many discounts and offers in most of China sites. And the Chinese website Gearbest could not be left out, the store has created a special page dedicated to discounted products.

On this page you can find everything from smartphones and tablets with up to 50% off until gadgets priced under USD $ 9.99 and also drones from USD $ 49.99. Not to mention the really cool watches from $ 4.99 and the VR headsets from USD $ 23. And not only that there are much more discounted products.

More details:

The promotion is divided into four sections so that customers can find the product that most interests. Some products have a good discount and others not so much, so it’s always good to take some research before buying.

The first section is called SPECIAL PRICE & BIG SURPRISE, is composed of items of lesser value.


The second is the “Today’s Deals”, in this section we see more expensive products such as smartphones and tablets, especially the V919 Wave, one of the best Windows tablet market, which is costing $ 134.99 and the average price of it in other Chinese sites is $ 190 really a good discount.


Then we have the products section with value below USD $ 9.99, are many gadgets, tools, and mobile accessories.


Finally we have the “Deal Tags” section, where you can pick a specific category to see the products that are on sale inside.


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