Top 5 Best Online Stores to Buy Action Figures – 2017

Best online stores to buy action figures… United States online stores like Amazon and Ebay are the best to buy imported goods with lower prices. However, if you usually buy action figures often, then you would definitely prefer to find everything in one place.

These specialized stores and Geek and Nerd products are great for buying a unique gift such as favorite character action figures. Whatever the theme, Anime, Movies, Video Games, Japanese Figures, finally these stores have it all.

In short, if you want to buy collector figures for yourself or a gift for your nerd friend, there are many online stores in the USA. Which you will love.

List of best online stores to buy action figures

And the best part is that many of these stores ship directly to the outside and also send redirectors orders with no problems. So if you like action figures worth visiting:


This store has an incredible variety of licensed products, and the best thing to send directly to the outside through economic shipping (USPS Priority). Highlights of the store are miniatures and licensed products from Marvel, Batman, Star Wars, Lively, Kiss, The Beatles, Funko Pop …


Kidrobot is recognized worldwide as the leading creator and distributor of limited-edition art figures. An innovator in sculpture, conceptual art and licensed toys. Send abroad via UPS Worldwide Expedited, shipping a little expensive it may be better to use redirector.


That is another store that has an incredible variety of products licensed on this site you will find absolutely all this sector. Highlights of the store are miniature and licensed franchise products like Transformers, DC, Marvel, Bandai, Star Wars, Neca…


Specializing in car and motorcycle models, DieCast has more than 10,000 different items, a number that no other site can see. It is one of the leading industry leaders in merging models in the United States.


As its name suggests, Historic Aviation is an American online store that sells several products in the history of military and commercial aviation. Plane model kits, metal plates, scale figures, books and clothing are even sold related to this theme.


These were some amazing places to buy nice things that every geek would love. Of course there are many more stores in the United States, but these ten probably already meet most people who want to import action figures.

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